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ProBox Beer Recipe Kit - 3 Month Gift


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The 3 month gift is great if you want to save a little bit more know the person you are gifting to loves to make their own recipes.

What they get:

  • Grain - Up to 14 lbs base malt and at least 1 lbs total specialty grain
  • Hops - Up to 6 oz of hops
  • Yeast - 1 pack of Imperial Liquid Brewing Yeast
  • Special Item - Random item to try, give away, order more of, whatever you see fit.
  • Instructions - We'll always include an idea for a recipe that can be brewed with the grains, but as the expert brewer you are free to modify that recipe or brew with your new ingredients however you see fit.

Like all of our other products, we send you the ingredients you will need to brew a batch of beer, but with the Pro-Box we give you more, so you can do more, and of course, make it your own. That is why we keep all the ingredients separate. Enjoy!