2 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit - 3 Month Gift – Monthly Brews

2 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit - 3 Month Gift


The 2 gallon beer recipe kit is for those either using a Mr. Beer® fermenter, or a 2 gallon turn-key electric brewery, or someone that just wants to test out some smaller batches. Choose between extract with steeping grain recipes, or all-grain brewing, so you can brew exactly how you want. These recipes will need a 60 minute boil though, so make sure you have at least a 4 gallon kettle. No mash tun is needed for all-grain, we include a large straining bag on your first order.

What you get:

  • Grain - At least 4lbs base malt (2lb extract) and 1 specialty grain
  • Hops - At least 1 type of hop
  • Yeast - Enough to not need a starter
  • Muslin bag - 1 large bag for your hops (2 for grain/extract recipes)
  • Reuseable nylon straining bag - Complimentary with your first order (none for grain extract recipes)
  • Special Item - Random item to try, give away, order more of, whatever you see fit.
  • Instructions - If you want to use your ingredients to make our recipe, we give you instructions to do so. Click here to see a sample instruction sheet, or on the image below.

Like all the other batch sizes, we send you all the ingredients you will need to brew a batch of beer if you follow the recipe that comes in you Monthly Brews kit, but feel free to keep the ingredients to use in your own beer recipe down the road. That is why we keep all the ingredients separate.