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August Box - 2 Gallon - Citra Red Ale


2 Gallon Recipe (download the AllGrain PDF / Extract PDF)
3.2# Best Malz Red X Malt, .4# Avangard Munich I,
.2# Briess Caramel 20L, 1 oz Citra Hops (boil),
.5 oz Citra Hops (dry hop), Imperial A07 Flagship Yeast

Boil Schedule:
.2 oz Citra @ 60 min (start timer), .2 oz Citra @ 30 min,
.2 oz Citra @ 15 min, .4 oz Citra @ 0 min.

Ferment @ 67F
Original Gravity: 1.052 Final Gravity: 1.012 
IBUs: 36 SRM: 20 ABV: 5.2% Efficiency @ 72%*

Featured Item - Best Malz Red X Malt:
BEST Red X malt is specially created for brewing red-tinted beers. You can use BEST Red X for up to 100% of your grain bill – no other malt is required. Offering exceptional reliability and optimal processability, BEST Red X can be employed to brew consistently fiery beers with intense reddish hues. Its full-bodied flavor and attractive, unique color coupled with easy handling in the brewery, make BEST Red X the best choice for creating a broad range of new beers, such as red-tinted wheat beers. Color 13 L

Up to 100% of the grainbill (recommended for red beers)