December Box - 5 Gallon - Coffee Stout – Monthly Brews

December Box - 5 Gallon - Coffee Stout


5 Gallon Recipe (download the AllGrain PDF / Extract PDF)
10# Thomas Fawcett Pearl Malt, .75# BlackSwaen© Coffee Malt,
.5# Crisp Crystal 77L, .375# Crisp Roasted Barley, .25# Crisp Chocolate Malt, .75 oz Horizon, 1 oz Willamette, Imperial A01 House Yeast

Boil Schedule:
.75 oz Horizon @ 60 min (start timer). 0.5 oz Willamette @ 30 min.
0.5 oz Willamette @ 5 min.

Ferment @ 67o Original Gravity: 1.061 Final Gravity: 1.015
IBUs: 38 SRM: 33 Efficiency @ 70%*

Featured Item - BlackSwaen© Coffee Malt:
Since 1906 The Swaen has been investing in the latest techniques and production methodologies. The Swaen now has one of the most modern and advanced facilities in the industry, from storage, through to steeping, germination, kilning and roasting, ensuring consistently high quality malts for your beers. BlackSwaen©Coffee imparts a nutty and creamy taste to reach coffee flavour and aroma to beers. Adds a smooth mouth feel and complexity to any dark Ale. Reinforces the colour of the beer. Crafted for unmistakable notes to your special beers. Brings in a “coffee” note to Stouts, Browns, and Porters.