September Box - 2 Gallon - Altbier – Monthly Brews

September Box - 2 Gallon - Altbier


2 Gallon Recipe (download the AllGrain PDF / Extract PDF)
2# Avangard Vienna Malt, .8# Avangard Munich II, .8# Avangard Pilsner, .2# Briess Caramel 120L, .2 oz Magnum Hops, .6 oz Mandarina
Bavaria Hops, .2 oz Huell Mellon Hops, Imperial G02 Kaiser Yeast

Boil Schedule:
.2 oz Magnum @ 60 min (start timer), .2 oz Mandarina @ 30 min,
.2 oz Mandarina @ 15 min, .2 oz Mandarian @ 10 min,
.2 oz Huell Mellon @ 0 min.

Ferment @ 62F
Original Gravity: 1.050 Final Gravity: 1.011 
IBUs: 44 SRM: 13 ABV: 5.1% Efficiency @ 72%*

Featured Item - Mandarina Bavaria Hops:
Mandarina Bavaria was admitted 2012. This new variety from Hüll (Germany) is due to its aroma- and taste characteristics classified as ”Flavor Hops“. Mandarina Bavaria has a pleasantly fruity aroma revealing a strong tangerine note with slightly sweet aroma impressions. Mandarina Bavaria is suitable for the use in top- and bottom-fermenting beer. The unique character can be indidually adjusted to existing beer flavor profil. Mandarina Bavaria – brewed beers demonstrated high quality of bitterness and most notably an upgrade of flavor profile of these brews. The special aroma notes of Mandarina
Bavaria can be carried over from hops to finished beer when dry-hopping technique is applied.